Flooding damages homes in Lehi

By PaulNelson at 10/02/2015 6:17 pm         
Fast moving storms packed a serious punch in a short amount of time. One family has some serious cleanup on their hands.

Chaffetz reportedly seeks Speaker position

By PaulNelson at 10/02/2015 6:06 pm         
Sources tell the Deseret News that he's testing the waters to see if he can win the position. Some political analysts don't think he has much of a chance, though.

FAA hears questions, frustrations during drone meeting in Utah

By DaveCawley at 10/02/2015 5:51 pm         
Utah drone operators had a rare chance to meet with FAA officials at Utah Valley University. They wanted to know what they could do to fly legally. Photo credit: Mark Cawley

Should the media use the UCC gunman's name?

By thebrowsers at 10/02/2015 2:51 pm         
Amy thinks we should use the UCC gunman's name and Jay has thoughts on both sides of the arguement Photo: Ryan Kang, Associated Press

Honor Flight vet surprised with visit from great grandson at WII Memorial

By KSLMarc at 10/02/2015 12:45 pm         
They haven't seen each other in a couple of years. This morning, WWII vet Ivan Anderson, and his LDS Missionary great-grand-son, Elder Jordan Bradley, had a short reunion at the WWII memorial in Washington DC. KSL Newsradio's Marc Giauque has the story.

Police: road rage never worth risking lives

By kslpetersamore at 10/02/2015 11:47 am         
West Valley police continue their search for driver who opened fire on two others in another car.

Unemployment report disappoints analysts

By KSLbbruce at 10/02/2015 8:06 am         
The news that the current jobless rate of 5.1% remains unchanged doesn't impress experts who say there's nothing to like in this latest report. Fox Business anchor Adam Shapiro explained his misgivings on Utah's Morning News.

$33mil grant awarded to USU

By kslpetersamore at 10/02/2015 7:53 am         
The public-private grant seeks to help low-income middle school students reach college.

Police looking for road rage shooter

By kslpetersamore at 10/02/2015 7:51 am         
Two drivers fought, West Valley police say one of them opened fire at the intersection of 3100 South and 4300 West.

Historic conference could be ahead for LDS Church

By kslmrichards at 10/02/2015 6:12 am         
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has three vacancies in the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. (Read more here: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865638068/3-new-LDS-apostles-will-be-98th-99th-100th-of-the-Restoration.html?pg=all)

The other choir made of LDS Church members

By PaulNelson at 10/02/2015 3:09 am         
While the Mormon Tabernacle Choir may be the most famous choir singing this General Conference weekend for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there's another choir that will also perform Sunday evening, and their songs may surprise you. (Photo Credit: LDS Genesis Group - Gospel Choir's Facebook page.)

President Obama makes personal appeal to gun owners

By DaveCawley at 10/01/2015 5:33 pm         
President Obama says America has become numb to gun violence and that people need to politicize the issue to bring about change.

Formal charges in Salt Lake City triple homicide

By PaulNelson at 10/01/2015 5:05 pm         
Prosecutors have filed three counts of aggravated murder charges against a man accused of killing three people, including a two month old girl

Ex-Utah sheriff accuses police of cover-up

By kslpetersamore at 10/01/2015 11:51 am         
Dub Lawrence says not all facts came out following a deadly shootout during a marijuana-grow raid. He makes his case in a documentary addressing police militarization.

SLC police search for semi driver after cyclist left in critical condition

By kslmrichards at 10/01/2015 10:25 am         
Police say the driver may not have known he hit the man, and kept going through the intersection of 400 West and 300 North in Salt Lake City.

Studying whether car inspections should be over in Utah

By kslmrichards at 10/01/2015 6:35 am         
A state lawmaker wonders if it's time to do away with them, like in other states.

New questions about reveal that Secret Service targeted UT Rep Jason Chaffetz

By kslmrichards at 10/01/2015 6:34 am         
Could criminal charges be next