Utah drivers hit important mark on the road to Zero Fatalities

By DaveCawley at 07/27/2015 5:20 pm         
The Utah Highway Patrol says seatbelt use played a role in achieving a summer holiday weekend with no highway deaths.

Investigators are looking for a cause in a West Valley fire that killed nine horses

By PaulNelson at 07/27/2015 1:16 pm         
Fire officials say there are no initial signs of arson, but they're checking to see if fireworks may have been the cause.

National Parks Council President Stan Lockhart weighs in on today's Boy Scouts of America policy vote

By KelseyKoenenWitt at 07/27/2015 12:49 pm         
Today charted organizations for the BSA vote whether or not to change policy on the ban of gay scout leaders

Former Utah A.G. pleads not guilty

By kslpetersamore at 07/27/2015 11:20 am         
John Swallow denies 13 criminal corruption charges a year after his arrest for them.

Governor Herbert to Lead National Governors Association

By karilynfrazier at 07/27/2015 9:56 am         
Governor Gary Herbert will use some of the wins Utah has experienced as an example to other states.

Sandy Boy Just Wants To Read

By karilynfrazier at 07/27/2015 8:55 am         
The 12 year old was reading junk mail because he didn't own any books. A mail carrier called upon some FB friends to help. Books started coming from around the world.

Heavy traffic and crowded sidewalks surround Pioneer Day parade

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 07/24/2015 8:04 am         
KSL Newsradio's Brianna Bodily has the story.

A development company could face serious fines for illegally cutting down trees

By PaulNelson at 07/23/2015 5:27 pm         
Officials with Salt Lake County say roughly 100 trees were taken down in an area up Big Cottonwood Canyon, even though there shouldn't have been any work happening there.

Climbers find a human foot near Alta

By PaulNelson at 07/23/2015 5:12 pm         
Investigators say the remains were found after the climbers thought they found some junk, and wanted to clear it off the mountain. Police say there might be a lead into who the remains may have belonged to.

Holiday Travel Traffic

By karilynfrazier at 07/23/2015 10:48 am         
Another busy travel weekend for Utahns as people will be heading out to celebrate the Pioneer Day holiday.

The way you behave is important during a traffic stop

By karilynfrazier at 07/23/2015 10:40 am         
When being pulled over by police remember their safety is their primary concern. Also, it's not illegal to record the traffic stop.

Six children in state custody after officers determined they were in danger

By kslmrichards at 07/23/2015 9:31 am         
UHP troopers found the children in two separate instances.

Salt Lake City police remind residents of parade route and rules

By kslmrichards at 07/23/2015 7:47 am         
Slcpd.com has the map and restrictions posted there as well.

Two women escape house amid gunfire in Holladay

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 07/22/2015 10:56 pm         
KSL Newsradio's Brianna Bodily has the story.

Jurors deliberate in the case against former school bus driver

By PaulNelson at 07/22/2015 7:13 pm         
In their closing arguments, prosecutors say John Carrell inappropriately touched one special needs girl every day. Carrell's defense team believes the surveillance video doesn't corroborate that.

Attorney for WVC teen accused of murder question their client's understanding of the murder charge

By PaulNelson at 07/22/2015 7:09 pm         
The 15 year old boy accused of killing 12 year old Kailey Vijil went before a judge again. But, his defense team says the teen doesn't really comprehend the situation he is in.

Security researchers remotely hijack Jeep through in-car entertainment system

By DaveCawley at 07/22/2015 6:56 pm         
An article in WIRED details how a pair of security researchers managed to remotely hijack a Jeep Cherokee. Craig Bickmore with the New Car Dealers of Utah says it's a good reminder to stay up-to-date on safety updates for your own vehicle. Image credit: SurfAst via Wikimedia Commons